How about a little alt-country, blues, folk, Americana, bluegrass, country, didgeridoo, rock-a-billy, honky tonk weekend?

September 28, 2019


Live Thru Wednesday

Performing from 10:30 - 12 PM

Live Thru Wednesday was formed in August 2015. The group consists of Caleb (vocals/guitar) and his father John (bass/harmonica/vocals) had been writing a few original songs and performing covers together acoustically for several years. Caleb and John had actually been looking for a drummer that would fit their unique rock/reggae style. After a brief jam session, it was clear this mix of talent from different musical backgrounds was going to produce a very unique sound which would stand out in a local music scene mostly filled with heavy metal & hard rock. Their acoustic performances boosted their popularity & enabled them to play contemporary settings. Their versatility & unique rock/reggae style has created a buzz locally and has them on the verge of breaking out into much bigger things.


Joe Asselin & The Moonlight Ramblers

Performing from 12:30 - 2 PM

Joe Asselin is a Central Illinois musician performing and writing original country blues and Americana material. Asselin is an original member of the Internationally Acclaimed blues band "Kilborn Alley Blues Band," where he was their harmoinica player. As well Joe is an orignal member of The Sugar Prophets. His music can be best described as Country meets Blues. Joe's original acoustic material is more along the lines of Jim Croce or John Denver, where he creates visual lyrics that coincede with his songs. This show will be Joe Asselin & The Moonlight Ramblers which will be a mix of acoustic and electric guitar and joining him will be Jimmy Retondo on Bass and Nick Steele on Drums. Both which are out of the Kanakaee area.


Hadley Kennary & Deau Eyes

Performing from 2:30 - 4 PM

Haldey lives in Nashville, Tennessee where she writes, records, and performs She is an artist/songwriter whose music is a modern mosaic of pop: shades of infectious melodies, poetic prose, and multi-faceted stories and are blended together to create an undeniable work of art. Kennary, appropriately pronounced like the bird, grew up constantly moving around the US. In 2014, she graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Her songs are contagiously catchy and refreshingly honest.

Deau Eyes (Ali Thibodeau) is an indie rock artist based in Richmond, VA. With soulful siren-like melodies and cleverly crafted lyrics, Thibodeau takes you on a sonic romp laced with courage, confidence, and general bad ass-ery through loss and leaving.

Ben Hay - Didgeridoo.jpg

Ben Hay, Didgeridoo

Performing from 4:30 - 6 PM

Ben Hay plays many instruments, he builds many instruments, he loves to play music from didgeridoo (a hollow log) to funk-nasty! He crafts didgeridoos with his own hands and has sold them around the world. He has also built hundreds of tube amplifiers and sold them around the world.

He always brings a couple world-class musician friends to help him lay down a big fat groove!


September 29, 2019


The Chickadee Sermon

Performing from 11 AM - 12 PM

They are a folk and bluegrass music. Their sound emphasizes vocal harmony and delicate instrumentation. They play original songs about their small town, country upbringings and original renditions of bluegrass/folk standards. The Chickadee Sermon has been a full band for about a year but each member has been performing in the Central Illinois area in various acts for some time. Each member has a distinct and special love for bluegrass/folk music that shines through when they perform.


The Merry Travelers

Performing from 12:30 - 2 PM

The Merry Travelers is a psychedelic folk rock collaboration & a community of friends who wander and reside far and wide. We call Urbana, IL our mothership. We bring you an earthy soulfulness that soothes and awakens.

Stuart Smith Revelators (2).jpg

Stuart Smith’s Revelators

Performing from 2:30 - 4 PM

He is a songwriter and guitarist from Winchester, IL. He weaves stories and honest lyrics in a sound exploration of American music ranging from folk, blues, country, jazz, and rock. Equally influenced by Miles Davis and Bob Dylan, they draw from vast musical experiences, weaving them into the sound that is Americana music.