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Vino & Vibes Free Music with Nick Ailes & the 24 Street Machine

Join us for our Vino & Vibes FREE music with Nick Ailes & The 24 String Machine.  Nick is a singer-songwriter based in Urbana, Illinois.   His new project Nick Ailes & The 24 String Machine is an extension of his work as a solo artist, but arranging (and sometimes writing) the music to be performed primarily by a trio of guitar, bass, and pedal steel. The trio will also alternate, occasionally adding other stringed instruments such as mandolin, fiddle, or even a harmonica, and various percussion. Hence The "24" String Machine! You never know just what mix you're going to get but, you know it's going to sound like Nick Ailes.

His music ranges from blues, bluegrass, and country, to indie folk/Americana. Over the last few months Nick has been writing material for an upcoming EP expected to be completed soon.

Check him out HERE!